Factory Service Pricing

Effective Date: February 10th, 2021

The following repair charges will apply to radios not covered under warranty.*

These charges do not include the repair or replacement of accessories (such as batteries, antennas, case parts, etc.) and do not include shipping charges.

Minimum Service Charge


Factory Service List Pricing

Product List Price
KNG/KNG2 $415.00
GPHXP/DPHX $300.00
KNG-M $615.00
KAA0660 $260.00
KAA0670 $250.00
GMHXP, DMH $330.00
DBH/GBH $560.00 + PARTS
KNG-B $635.00 + PARTS
RDPR $490.00 + PARTS
2-DAY EXP. CHARGE $125.00
TUNE & CLEAN $128.75

Factory Service/Support is no longer available for the following units:

Factory Service/Support is no longer available for the following units:
Regency, Wilson and Octagon Portables and Mobiles UC102 or UC202, WHS series, PTV series Portables
HS & MS Scanners, UC2200 or UC4200 & RH256NB E-Series (VHF), L-Series, M-Series and J-Series King Radio or Bendix/King Portables
E-Series (UHF) Bendix/King Portables and Mobiles (exception being the EPU/EPV 4992M)
E-Series (VHF), L-Series, G-Series (**non-flash version**) BK Radio®, King Radio or Bendix/King Mobiles ERU/DRU & EBU/DRU Desktop Stations
*Extensively damaged equipment may be deemed unrepairable and returned at owner's expence. Prices subject to change
**To determine whether or not your G-Series radio is a flash version vs. a non-flash version look at the serial number of your radio serial numbers beginning with 0119 and older are non-flash. If the serial number is missing you can push and hold the #1 key on the keypad if the display changes to a hexadecimal number it is a flash model if the display does not change then the radio is a non-flash radio. If there are any questions as to whether or not this radio is flash or non-flash you can call the service department for any help.